The definition of an expert is someone who knows what not to do.
- Charles Willson

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Creativity. Efficiency. Flexibility. La Boîte is simply defined by an effortless and functional aesthetic that delivers design to best serve your business affairs. Our agency is reputable for the ability to identify opportunity, conceive a vision, and execute real solutions.

Our mission is to continuously analyze, explore, optimize, and to evaluate. But above all, we aim to create a client experience which is characterized by openness and the sense of collaboration.

All in all, we are your design partner.

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From HTML5 to JavaScript; responsive design to e-commerce boutiques; Wordpress blogs to custom design- LaBoite assembles a team in response to each mandate, working seamlessly in a bilingual environment and experienced in all software programs.

More than a unique agency for your web projects, our services also entail conceptualizing brand identity, letterpress, and print advertising. Additionally, we deliver our work in an enjoyable atmosphere by talented, organized people that are simply passionate about their job. We can attest, you’ll love working with LaBoite.


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CATEGORIE : Branding
Development of the brand image for the mobile application Beauty Rendez-vous. The application's objective is to bring together beauty salons with potential clients.

The logo developed was meant to represent a mark on a calendar that one makes for an upcoming appointent. We wanted the mark to feel warm and beautiful just as the experience a user would go through during an appointment.